In the End Game

As I went into my last trimester and was settling in back at home with mom and dad, things started to really sink in that I was actually pregnant. At this point, I really started to look like I was pregnant instead of just fat and I could feel my little Levi moving around.

Now at this point, when baby starts moving a lot, I know everyone is always so excited to be able to feel him moving. However, I did not want anyone touching me, even if it was my mom. I know that she was sad that she couldn’t feel him, but overall I just was uncomfortable with people touching me so I had to say no. She was understanding and my dad kept saying, “You can feel him when he is born.” I was glad that my parents supported me in this decision.

Now, with more frequent doctor’s appointments and, in the last month, having to get a sonogram every week, I was starting to worry about the actual birth. Lots of thoughts went through my mind about pain and whether I would actually be able to do this or not. I already knew that I was NOT going to be getting an epidural or pain medications, mainly because I have a major phobia of needles. No matter how much I was told that it would not hurt, I was adamant about not having one. I was going to be all natural.


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